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The Moebius Syndrome Foundation's mission is to provide information and support to individuals with Moebius syndrome and their families, promote greater awareness and understanding of Moebius syndrome, and to advocate for scientific research to advance the diagnosis and treatment of Moebius syndrome and its associated conditions.

For Parents

Was your newborn recently diagnosed with Moebius syndrome? Have an older child with Moebius?

For Professionals

Healthcare professionals, researchers and those who want more information on Moebius, click here »

For Adults and Young Adults

Interested in getting involved or connecting with others living with Moebius?
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For Friends and Relatives

Learn about Moebius syndrome and ways you can support your loved one.
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Posted by Moebius Foundation
Press Release – Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2020 The Many Faces Of Moebius Syndrome (www.manyfacesofmoebiussyndrome.org), The Moebius Syndrome Foundation (www.moebiussyndrome.org) , The Moebius Syndrome Research Trust (www.moebiusresearchtrust.org), and The Children’s Craniofacial Association (www.ccakids.com) are proud to announce the 10th annual Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day which will be celebrated worldwide on Friday the 24th of January, 2020. Moebius Syndrome is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side. ...READ MORE »

Should I Disclose Moebius Syndrome During a Job Interview?

Posted by Moebius Foundation
Contributed by Stephen Maldonado This is a common question in the Moebius Community. Honestly, this is a very personal choice, and there may not be a clear cut answer. Therefore, instead of trying to answer this in a “yes” or “no” form, here are some reasons why someone might choose to disclose or not disclose. Reasons You Might Choose to Disclose: It Makes You Feel More Comfortable. You may choose to disclose if doing so makes you feel more comfortable in your interview. ...READ MORE »

10 Career Experts Share Their #1 Piece of Job Search Advice

Posted by Moebius Foundation
Once you announce that you’re looking for a new gig, unsolicited job search advice is inescapable: “Video resumes are the future!” “Go back to school!” “Talk to my cousin’s best friend’s son, he knows someone who used to intern there!” While all of the people sharing job search advice like this are well-meaning, they’re usually not career connoisseurs — just friends and family who want to help you out. As a result, the quality of their advice is ...READ MORE »