Moebius Syndrome Foundation

2023 Conference: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Members of the Moebius community met in Minneapolis, MN on July 20-23, 2023 for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation national conference. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation conferences are the largest gatherings for the Moebius community in the world. This conference welcomes medical professionals, caregivers, and individuals with Moebius syndrome and similar facial differences for three days of breakout sessions specific to Moebius syndrome, as well as complimentary medical consultations, and fun social events. 





July 20 - 23, 2023 • Minneapolis Marriott Northwest — Minneapolis, MN

2023 Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference

2023 Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Select Presentations

Keynote Panel

Growing Stronger Together

Keynote Speakers: Erica Klauber, Executive Director, Children’s Craniofacial Association; Adam Levy, Executive Director, American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Association; Phyllida Swift, CEO, Face Equality International; Jenny Whitman, Executive Director, Moebius Syndrome Foundation; and Dina Zuckerberg, Director of Family Programs, myFace

Moderated by: Rebecca Maher, Secretary, Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Moebius Syndrome Foundation Updates

State of the Foundation, presented by Jenny Whitman, Executive Director, Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Science & Medicine

Genetic Research into Moebius Syndrome, presented by Bryn Webb, M.D., Elizabeth Engle, M.D., and Ethylin Wang Jabs, M.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Q&A Panel, presented by Moebius Syndrome Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Members

Identifying Sources of Aspiration, presented by Arthur A. Beisang III, M.D.

Moebius syndrome Dental Issues and Considerations title page

Moebius Syndrome Dental Issues and Considerations, presented by Mackensie McBeain, D.D.S.

Neuromuscular Retraining For Facial Paralysis, presented by Jackie Diels, OT

Orthopedic Associations of Moebius Syndrome

Orthopedic Manifestations with Moebius Syndrome, presented by Dr. Philip K. McClure

Living With Moebius Syndrome

Driving With Moebius Syndrome Panel, presented by Steven Maldonado, KiOwana Phillips, Khaleb Phillips, and David Hunter M.D., Ph.D.

Moderated by Monica Woodall

Building Self-Confidence Through Self-Compassion title page

Building Self-Confidence Through Self-Compassion, presented by Tara N. Lewis, Ph.D.

Communication Skills for Job Searching and the Workplace title page

Communication Skills for Job Searching and the Workplace, presented by Tara N. Lewis, Ph.D.

Disclosing Facial Differences title page

Disclosing Facial Differences, presented by Kathleen Bogart, Ph.D.

Equipping Families to Support the Employment Process

Equipping Families to Support the Employment Process, presented by Sean Roy

The Power of Perspective/Perception

The Power of Perspective/Perception, presented by Austin Halls

Let's Talk About It: Mental Health First Aid title page

Mental Health First Aid, presented by Letitia Jennings-Holmes

Youth Mental Health Resources Handout

Relaxation Techinques

Relaxation Techniques, presented by Jon Fisher

Screen Media, Addiction & Health

Screen Media, Addiction, and Health, presented by Rhonda Robert, Ph.D.

Parent Resources

Our Parenting Journey – Parents of Adults With Moebius Syndrome, presented by Jan Fisher, Mary Kay Mendenhall, Angela Coakley, and David Baldridge

Adventure Is Out There title page

Adventure Is Out There: Navigating Travel With Kids With Disabilities presented by Dani Doughty

A More Than Money Matters Workshop: Estate Planning Essentials

Prepare Wisely: Estate Strategy Essentials, presented by Leif Erickson, RICP, BFA

Supporting Children and Teens with Moebius Syndrome, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder

Supporting Children and Teens with Moebius Syndrome, Autism, & Sensory Processing Needs, presented by Rebekah Hudock, Ph.D., LP, NCSP

2023 Conference Program

Growing Stronger Together Conference Program cover page