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Talking to your child about Moebius syndrome early on in their life helps build self-confidence and self-acceptance. It can be challenging to do this in a manner that they can understand but books are a great way to spark these early conversations.

We also encourage parents of typical children to read books about disability. Spending time reading and discussing disability helps lower stigma and discrimination against people who are different. You can build allies for the facial differences community by reading at home!

Did You Know?

Children with limited vision can receive books from Seedlings, a non-profit that provides free and low-cost braille books for children.

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Inclusively Reading Kids Book Club

Each month the Moebius Syndrome Foundation selects a children’s book that is naturally inclusive of children with facial differences and/or disabilities. We post recorded readings on our social media channels, as publishers permit. Authors are always welcome to visit!

2023 Selections

October 2023: I Walk With Vanessa by Kerascoët 

September 2023: Come Over to My House by Eliza Hull and Sally Rippin

August 2023: Hiya Moriah by Victoria Nelson

July 2023: All the Way to the Top: How One Girl’s fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything by Annette Bay Pimentel and Foreward by Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins

June 2023: Fighting for YES! The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann by Maryann Cocca-Leffler and Afterward by Judith Heumann

May 2023: So Much More to Helen! The Passions and Pursuits of Helen Keller by Meeg Pincus

April 2023: The ABCs of Inclusion: A disability inclusion book for kids by Beth Leipholtz

March 2023: I Talk Like a River by Jordan Scott

February 2023: Stompin’ at the Savoy: How Chick Webb Became the King of Drums by Moira Rose Donohue

January 2023: Why Me, Mama? A Children’s Book About the Disability Experience by Katherine Lockwood

2022 Selections

December 2022: Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

November 2022: When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb

October 2022: The Color Monster by Anna Llenas

September 2022: I Love My Body Because by Shelly Anand and Nomi Ellenson

August 2022: Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair by Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis

Inclusively Reading Kids Book Club - August 2023

Hiya Moriah

Book reading by Victoria Nelson, author of Hiya Moriah

Inclusively Reading Kids Book Club - January 2023

Why Me, Mama?

Book reading by Katie Lockwood, author of Why Me, Mama?

Download the Why Me, Mama? eBook

Inclusively Reading Kids Book Club - 2022

When Charley Met Emma

Book reading by Amy Webb, author of When Charley Met Emma and Awesomely Emma

Illustrated by Merrillee Liddiard

Published by Beaming Books

Suggested Reading for Children


By RJ Palacio
Random House, 2012

This chapter book describes the phenomenal story of a fictional boy with a craniofacial condition. This New York Times best-selling book has also been adapted into a movie. Companion books include: 365 Days of Wonder and Auggie and Me.

We’re All Wonders

By RJ Palacio
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2017

The picture book companion to Wonder.


El Deafo 

By Cece Bell
Harry N. Abrams, 2014

The target audience is ages 8 – 12, but this graphic novel is perfect for children and adults interested in reading about a girl who is hearing impaired. It is heartfelt, humorous, and based on the author’s experiences as a child.



Why Me, Mama?

By Katherine Lockwood

Acorn Cottage Press, 2022

Written by a mother of a child with Moebius syndrome, this picture book explores all the multifaceted aspects of Moebius syndrome’s clinical presentation.

Smile for Me

By Linda Lawrance

This is a children’s book about Moebius syndrome written by a mother in Australia. For more information, contact

In Your Face: The Facts About Your Features

by Donna M. Jackson
Penguin Young Readers, 2004

For ages 9 and up, facial features and cultural differences are explained. There is a chapter on Moebius syndrome.

It’s Okay To Ask

By Nancy Carlson
Gillete Children’s Specialty Healthcare, 2014

This picture book is for ages 3 – 8 and is about children encountering people with disabilities or complex medical conditions. The flipbook can be read online or the book can be ordered at

The Color Monster

By Anna Llenas
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2018

A picture book that describes emotion without relying on facial expressions. Different color monsters explain how they feel when they have different emotions.

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