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Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying comes in many forms. It can present as physical, verbal, prejudicial, sexual, or cyberbullying, or as relational aggression. Navigating bullying can be challenging for anyone, but especially when individuals and families are dealing with a facial difference. Below are a variety of resources to help prevent bullying from occurring in schools.

October 2023

Bullying: How To Prepare Your Child and Yourself

Megan Menard, an adult with Moebius syndrome, presents information and tips for parents on how to prepare your child and yourself for bullying

Kindness Is Everything: Bullying Prevention Kits

Bullying prevention kits, a joint effort from the Kindness Is Everything campaign and the Moebius Syndrome Foundation, are available on request. U.S. residents can request a mailed packet by emailing Anyone can download the resources below to introduce Kindness Is Everything into their classroom or school. 



Build Your Own Bullying Prevention Kit

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation offers bullying prevention kits for elementary and middle/high school students. You can create your own Kindness Is Everything Kit by downloading the files listed below and then printing them on your home computer or through a local printing company, office supply store, or online printing company. Add the additional resources for elementary or middle/high school students to the packet.

Kindness Is Everything Resources:

Kindness Is Everything Bookmark

Kindness Is Everything Coloring Sheet

Kindness Is Everything Bullying Prevention Sticker Template

What Parents Can Do At Home Handout

About Moebius Syndrome Fact Sheet

A Guide for Educators


Elementary Bullying Prevention Kit:

Cyberbullying Prevention 101: A Quick Guide For Elementary School Students 

Bullying Prevention 101: A Quick Guide For Elementary School Students 


Middle School and High School Bullying Prevention Kit: 

What Youth Can Do To Help Peers Who Are Experiencing Bullying

What Youth Can Do If They Are Experiencing Bullying

Cyberbullying Prevention 101: A Quick Guide For Middle and High School Students

Bullying Prevention 101: A Quick Guide For Middle and High School Students


Thank you to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center for the resources designed specifically for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

Bring the Wonder Program to Your School

Wonder Program

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation is proud to be a partner organization with both the Children’s Craniofacial Association and myFace. Both organizations bring the Wonder Program to schools to help spread the message about choosing kindness and being accepting of differences.

Please contact these organizations directly if you would like to see this special program brought to your child’s school.

October 2023

Protecting Your Child From Bullying

In this webinar, experts from Boston Children’s Hospital answer questions from families about bullying. The discussion covers questions like: how bullying has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the signs of bullying, how to boost a child’s self esteem when experiencing bullying, what to do if a child is being bullied about their health, and what language kids can use to deflate a bullying situation.