On the canvas of my face, lies a masterpiece, woven with intricate strokes of resilience and grace. - Miracle May
Miracle May as an adult
Miracle May in formal gown next to a grand staircase
Miracle May as a child, asleep on her mother's chest
Miracle May and a friend
Miracle May at her first Moebius Syndrome Foundation conference
International Face Equality Week, 13-19 May, 2024, #MyFaceIsAMasterpiece


By Miracle May

On the canvas of my face lies a masterpiece, woven with intricate strokes of resilience and grace. Life, with its unpredictable turns, has adorned my visage with challenges and fleeting glimpses of hope. I am Miracle, a name often lost in the labyrinth of misunderstanding, much like a melody trapped in a broken record.

Born into the embrace of Moebius syndrome, my countenance bears the imprint of facial paralysis, a silent storyteller that confounds those who seek to understand me. Though my words find their way through the labyrinth of my thoughts, they emerge with a semblance of disarray, leaving behind a trail of bewildered expressions in their wake.

Unlocking the chambers of my mind is akin to delving into the unfathomable depths of the ocean, where mysteries abound, and discoveries await. Like an abstract painting, my thoughts defy conventional understanding, inviting exploration into realms unknown. Through the medium of writing, I navigate the vast expanse of emotions and perceptions, seeking to capture the essence of my existence in a world where privilege often eludes those like me.

Every day unfolds as a battlefield, where I wage countless wars against the constraints imposed by society and self. The measure of my toil remains unseen, as questions unasked linger in the air. How much effort is expended in the pursuit of normalcy? How many battles are fought to bridge the chasm between acceptance and difference? These queries echo within the recesses of my being, a testament to the resilience required to navigate a world that often fails to comprehend the magnitude of our struggles.

Yet, amidst the chaos, acceptance emerges as a beacon of solace, illuminating the path towards self-realization. In moments of solitude, I dare to dream of a reality where acceptance flows effortlessly, where love knows no bounds, and where difference is celebrated rather than shunned.

My journey with Moebius syndrome parallels a voyage through an alternate universe, where perceptions blur and realities intertwine. Despite the facade of normalcy that I often project, the truth remains veiled beneath the surface, a constant reminder of the fragility of perception.

Misconstrued as a seeker of sympathy, I find solace in the sanctuary of my thoughts, where every challenge becomes a narrative waiting to unfold. Like a movie reel, my mind reels with the desire for a happy ending, a denouement that defies the odds stacked against me.

In matters of the heart, rejection becomes a familiar companion, prompting introspection into the intricacies of human connection. Though scars may linger, forgiveness becomes a salve for wounds inflicted, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Amidst the sea of stares that accompany my every step, I find refuge in the embrace of my own perception. Like a connoisseur of art, I revel in the beauty of diversity, unbound by the shackles of societal gaze. And though the spotlight may falter, leaving me ensnared in the gaze of strangers, I stand resilient, a testament to the beauty that lies within the realm of difference.

In the tapestry of my existence, acceptance reigns supreme, a testament to the beauty that lies within the realm of difference.


Miracle May

Face Equality Week 2024