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Sessions that reference websites, handouts, or other information will have those resources listed here. If the content you are looking for is not here, please email for more information.


Baby Sign Language for Beginners, session held on May 3, 2021

Signing Time –

Baby Signing Time –

Signing with Special needs –


New Parent Resources, session held on May 10, 2021

Resources page by the Moebius Syndrome Foundation


Confidence in Adults and Teens, session held on June 14, 2021

Personality Testing


Employment Sessions with Sean Roy, session held on June 21, 2021

Parent Center Hub
This website helps you find your state’s Parent Training and Information center. These Centers were created to provide families of individuals with disabilities with information and advocacy services.
PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment
PACER is a national leader in providing information to families of individuals with disabilities. This section of their website offers great resources on employment and education.
I’m Determined
Helping our family members with disabilities become good self-advocates is crucial. I’m Determined is a wonderful website full of useful tools to help set goals and express preferences.
Charting the LifeCourse
Charting the LifeCourse is full of family-friendly planning tools that help you and your loved one set a vision for a “good life” and plan on steps to get there.
Career One Stop
Useful website provides information on the network of “American Job Centers” as well as details regarding other federally-funded job assistance resources.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
The EEOC is a federally-funded office that provides information and advocacy for individuals with disabilities related to emplloyment discrimination. The EEOC is responsible for enforcing employment discrimination laws impacting all protected classes.
Information for Social Security Beneficiaries
Website gives Social Security beneficiaries accurate information about the various types of benefits and how they are impacted by paid employment.
Americans with Disabilities Act: A Guide to Title 1 Employment
This video nicely outlines the employment protections of the ADA.
Disability Disclosure: Deciding to Disclose During a Job Interview
This video features a role play where a jobseeker is deciding if they need to or should disclose their disability to the employer during the job interview. Includes a helpful pros and cons discussion.
Job Accommodation Network
This excellent website offers information on understanding and asking for job accommodations, as well as resources on disability disclosure and the opportunity to connect with experts.
National Center for College Students with Disabilities
The NCCSD website is full of information for current or prospective college students with disabilities. Includes information on programs and accommodations.
Opening Doors to Employment: Planning for Life After High School
This comprehensive guide includes information on planning for employment, tools for identifying skills and the 10 golden rules for keeping a job.


Wonder Program for Children, session held on July 12, 2021

The Hero’s Toolbox