Living With Moebius syndrome

Emotional Support

It is crucial that individuals with Moebius syndrome have a solid emotional support plan that includes talking openly with family, friends, and others about how they feel. Professional therapists are also an option for those who feel comfortable pursuing therapy. Below are resources to find ways to cope with emotions, express yourself, and find healthy ways to relieve stress.


Disability, Mental Health, and Living With Moebius Syndrome

Kathleen Bogart, Ph.D., is an associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University and a member of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Bogart writes for Psychology Today and covers a variety of topics related to living with a facial difference and/or disability and mental health.

July 2022

Where To Go and What To Do When You Have Mental Health Concerns

Presented by Kathleen Bogart, Ph.D.

Where to Go and What to Do When You Have Mental Health Concerns Title Page
July 2022

Coping Skills for Daily Life

Presented by Rhonda Robert, Ph.D.

Coping Skills for Daily Life Title Page
July 2020

Art Journaling: A Creative Writing Session

Presented by Lisa Smant