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Eye Care for Children With Moebius Syndrome

Individuals with Moebius syndrome need regular eye care exams. Chronic dry eye, caused by limited to no blinking, can lead to scratches on the cornea and damage to the eyes. Children with Moebius syndrome may also develop strabismus (cross-eyes) and need surgical intervention to correct their vision.

An ophthalmologist, who is a doctor (M.D. or D.O.) with advanced training in eye care and with surgical knowledge, should regularly see a child with Moebius syndrome. Do not confuse this practitioner with an optometrist, who is an eye practitioner with a doctorate but who cannot perform surgical procedures.

Eye Care Must-Haves

Eye drops


Hat with brim

Swim goggles


August 12, 2021

Eye Basics for People With Moebius Syndrome

Presented by David Hunter, M.D.

Dr. David Hunter is a member of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Hunter is ophthalmologist-in-chief and the Richard M. Robb chair of ophthalmology at Children’s Hospital Boston. He is also the president of the Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, and professor and vice chair of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School.


Infants, children and adults with Moebius syndrome may find that wearing sunglasses outside increases their comfort and the safety of their eyes. Hats with brims also help increase comfort.

Parents have recommended children’s frames from Julbo, Baby Banz, Miraflex (for transitions), and Rayban.


Hats can also be a helpful way of preventing the sun from getting into your child’s eyes. Hats with a wide-brim, such as trapper hats for winter or baseball hats for summer, help protect the eyes from the wind and sun.

Treating Dry Eye

An ophthalmologist can advise the best course of treatment for dry eyes. Most children will need multiple drops a day, with extra lubricating gel during naps and evening sleep.

The Dry Eye Shop is a resource for products and information to care for and protect dry eyes.

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