Moebius Syndrome Foundation

For Parents & Caregivers of Children with Moebius Syndrome

No matter where you are in your journey of raising a child with Moebius syndrome, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation strives to offer you information and resources to guide you along the way. This section of the website is devoted to empowering you as a caregiver or parent of a child with Moebius syndrome. Ultimately, your knowledge will help smooth the road for your child as he or she navigates medical care, school, and self-confidence.

What I Wish My Parents Had Known: Young Adults with Moebius Talk to Parents of Moebius Children

Presented by Jessica Maher, Austin Halls, Alli Johnson |  July 17, 2022 

Caregiver Burnout

September 15, 2022

Presented by Rhonda Robert, Ph.D., and Diana Guzman, MA, LPC

Navigating Travel with Children with Disabilities

Presented by Dani Doughty