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Genetic Research on Moebius Syndrome

The cause of Moebius syndrome is not well understood. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation and other organizations have funded genetic studies on the condition.

Genetic research into Moebius syndrome has not shown a clear genetic pattern. While there are some conditions with overlapping features to Moebius syndrome that may run in families, in Moebius Syndrome Foundation-supported studies, no individuals with classic Moebius syndrome have more than one affected family member in their families.

Genetic research is ongoing. The research teams provide regular updates to the Moebius Syndrome Foundation at conferences and through webinars.

Most Recent Update

Genetic Research Into Moebius Syndrome - 2022 Update

July 15, 2022 | Presented by Elizabeth Engle, M.D., Ethilyn Jabs, M.D., Irini Manoli, M.D., Bryn Webb, M.D.

Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Genetic Research Into Moebius syndrome - 2021 Update

September 21, 2021 | Presented by Elizabeth Engle, MD, Ethylin Jabs, MD, Irini Manoli, MD, and Bryn Webb, MD