Back to School With Moe, the official MSF mascot - a Dalmatian with purple spots

Moe is headed back to school with kids in the Moebius community! As the new mascot for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation, Moe creates a connection with children as they learn about Moebius syndrome. Moe explains that a child in a kid’s class may have Moebius syndrome, and they might look or sound different than others. But, just like Dalmatians who have unique spots, every person is different!

We have 15 Moe back to school kits available on a first come, first served basis. Each packet includes new passalong cards featuring Moe, a coloring sheet, stickers, A Guide for Educators, and a Moebius FAQ fact sheet. To request a packet, email: You may also build your own Moe kit by using the free resources on our website; check out the Moe section on our School Resources page. 

We’re excited to launch Moe in our online store! Get “Moe” gear to represent Moebius syndrome, from apparel to mugs. Shop now!

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