Katrina Donovan stands with purple oversize clown glasses, a purple shirt, and a purple tutu. Her poem is written on the image next to her.
International Face Equality Week, 13-19 May, 2024, #MyFaceIsAMasterpiece

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If You Look Inside...

By Katrina F. Donovan

Stop and listen, I will not lie

You will see my smile, if you look inside.


It may not appear upon my face

A vacant look has stolen its place.


So yes, my lips may remain still

But stun me not, I am of strong will.


I sing, I dance, I laugh, I play

I defy what nature tried to take away.


My emotions are displayed inside

Through personality and my sense of pride.


I can love and be love as well

I’ve never been one to stay in my shell.


And yes, I am a happy soul

Despite what nature thought she stole.


I can be fun and even witty too

Just like those people that smile may do.


Some may taunt and tease and stare

That is only because they are not aware.


Do not fear what I lack on my face

Just seek my smile from a different place.


Search within my heart or eyes

You may see a grin of enormous size.


So take a chance, get to know me a while

If you look inside you will see my smile.



Katrina F. Donovan, 1996