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This month, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation is highlighting the many ways we offer support and resources to the Moebius community. We are asking for your help to make it possible for us to continue our important work.

Here is some of the important work we’ve accomplished because of supporters like you…

Invested over $1.4 million dollars in critical research into the causes of Moebius syndrome, speech and communication therapies, sleep health, mental health, blinking surgery, and facial reanimation

Awarded 39 deserving students with Educational Scholarships totaling over $80K

Provided 182 Conference Scholarships totaling over $140K

Hosted 15 Conferences with the 16th being held this month

Sent over 1,400 New Member Welcome Packets since 2009

Held 8 International Scientific Research Symposiums with the 9th being held this month

Hosted 2 Mini-Conferences and sponsored many regional events around the country

Spread awareness about Moebius syndrome around the globe by attending industry events, collaborating with partner organizations, designing professional videos, and creating robust social media and print campaigns

Advocated for face equality by partnering with larger craniofacial organizations and joined their campaigns to create a larger impact

Grown our presence in the rare disease and facial differences community by actively maintaining memberships with organizations such as NORD, Global Genes, Face Equality International, and American Cleft-Palate Craniofacial Association.

Designed educational materials, including brochures, passalong information cards, Welcome Booklet, the new A Guide for Educators, and coming soon, A Guide for Healthcare Providers.

Held a free virtual conference, and dozens of free educational and social events and webinars

Twice a year we send out over 2,000 printed newsletters in the mail and also provide monthly e-newsletters to help keep our community updated

Recently launched a new Medical Travel Reimbursement Program to help offset the costs associated with traveling for medical appointments

A new, more informative, interactive, and accessible website was just launched to help provide more education and information

Make A Difference for Moebius Today!

The continued success of our programs and resources that help so many is completely dependent on the generosity of our financial supporters and volunteers.

Please make a donation today to ensure we can continue providing important programming, resources, and invest in research to provide answers and better treatment options.

Become A Sustaining Member

Consider becoming a Sustaining Member! Our Sustaining Members commit to making recurring donations each month or on a schedule that best fits their budget. These donations help generate predictable revenue which allows us to plan, and helps our donors know that they are investing in growing a future for people and families living with Moebius syndrome.

During the month of July, donors who make the commitment to become a Sustaining Member will receive these special items of gratitude from the MSF:

Recurring donations up to $25 per month receive an MSF custom braided bracelet + a new MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR MOEBIUS sticker.

Recurring donations over $25 per month receive either an MSF t-shirt or hat from our online store

To become a Sustaining Member, check the recurring donation option on the donation form. Please contact us with any questions.

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