January 24

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day is an annual event celebrated globally each year on January 24th — the birth date of Professor Paul Julius Moebius, the doctor who first diagnosed the condition in 1888.

In 2011, Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day was started by the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome and has been embraced globally by other organizations that support efforts to raise awareness. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation celebrates #MSAD by sharing information about Moebius syndrome, offering financial support and resources to approved events, encouraging people to wear purple, and raising awareness through various means and channels.

“This is Moebius” is the 2024 Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s theme for Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, and will be used to highlight the unique stories, challenges, and triumphs of individuals living with Moebius syndrome. We invite you to follow us on our social media and email platforms as we share these messages. Would you like to participate? Please email a photo, a brief write-up, or short video (less than 1 minute), and share your story with us. Individuals with Moebius of all ages, and their family members and supporters who make up our rare community are invited to contribute. Questions? Please contact us at social@moebiussyndrome.org.

Host an Event!

To learn more about hosting a Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Event, email us at: events@moebiussyndrome.org


Awareness Day Event Tool Kit

Download these materials to help plan, organize, and host an Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day event.

Get the word out: 

2024 MSAD Press Release

Download the 2024 “This is MoebiUS” social media profile frame

How to draft a proclamation for your hometown/city to officially recognize MSAD

“7 Things to Understand on Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day” by Dr. Kathleen Bogart, Ph.D.

Plan an event:

Events and Fundraising Toolkit – A guide to help plan an awareness event

Request supplies or support for an awareness event – Supply requests are due 30 days before the event date

Make Favors and Awareness Kits: 

Awareness Kit Ideas – How to build favor bags using supplies from the Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Purple Items For Parties and Favors – A list of foods and favors available at major retailers in the United States

Printable Materials:

Awareness Day Flier – Customize by adding details of your event to the bottom half of the page

Printable Gift Tags – Print, cut, and punch holes to make tags for favor bags.

Printable passalong cards are available on our School Resources page. 

“Hello, My Name Is” Labels – Print off on sticker paper to create name tags for your event

Sheet for in-person events


Awareness Day Table

2024 Awareness Day Events

If you would like to host a 2024 Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day event and need supplies or support, please complete this form. Questions? Please email events@moebiussyndrome.org

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day Events

Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day (MSAD) events have been held in: Arizona, Colorado, California, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, and Texas.


Ideas for Planning an Awareness Event

October 2022 | Presented by Jen Garvey and Cori Kopke

Infographics Available for Awareness Usage

Feel free to download these images to use in your MSAD campaigns on social media and elsewhere.