Images of the old website and the new website with the text "We have a new look!"

You’re in the right place! The Moebius Syndrome Foundation has launched a new website. We greatly thank our volunteers for the time and effort it took to design, build, and create the website. More than 250 volunteer hours were spent on the creation of the new website.

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their professional expertise, advice, ideas, photo submissions, financial contributions, and emotional support through the development of the new website.

Thank you to Mighty Little Web Shop for website development and Positive Exposure for photography.

Thank you to the following individuals for financial contributions towards the website:

Laura, Matt, and Harrison Berge
Thomas and Mariea Dennison
Jim and Aleksandra Fitzgibbons
Jenny Whitman

Thank you to Laura Berge for spearheading this project and contributing more than 200 volunteer hours to the website creation and content.

Thank you to Megan Strang for donating more than 30 hours of professional editing of the website.

Thank you to Beth Hambly and Mike McClure and for donating several hours towards art direction and copywriting.

Thank you to Lori Bates for the professional writing recommendations and Mark Montri for user experience expertise.

We would additionally like to thank the following individuals for their various contributions:

Matt Berge
Molly Davis
Nikita Dimera
Dani Doughty
Jon Fisher
Erin Heaton
Todd Hostettler
Nikki Hunter
Teri Bloom Jarema
Melissa Shubert Kloman
Jacob Licht
Katherine Lockwood
Rebecca Maher
Steven Maldonado
Toni Petri
KiOwana Phillips
Samara Priester
Leah Richter
Lisa Smant
Eliza Tucker
Nicole Walsh
Roger Willey
Shailyn Wood

We are grateful for everyone’s contributions towards our new website!

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