It has been a busy couple of months since I began as the Executive Director for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. I have had the opportunity to talk with amazing people — and I can’t wait to meet you all in Long Beach next year!

Allow me to update you on some of the items I have been working on this summer. Just last month, the foundation’s board of directors met in Long Beach, at the site of the 2016 conference hotel. We saw the conference facilities and were able to solidify logistics and meet with the local host, Sunshine Zuniga. In addition, the organization began a strategic planning process. For almost two days, we brainstormed and will be moving forward with a written plan. We hope this process will help the Moebius Syndrome Foundation to expand the number of families and individuals it provides support to as well as raise awareness of Moebius outside of our members.

Another project that I have been tackling — with the help of Marcia Abbott and Natalie Abbott — is the redesign of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation Website. It is now live!! But you already knew that, since you are reading this post. Please explore the Website and you’ll find expanded resources and information. And please share your feedback with us, by emailing

There are many more projects on my plate and I look forward to sending you updates on those as well. Please contact me at if you have questions or just want to introduce yourself. This is an exciting time for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation and I am looking forward to being a part of it all.

Kim Cunningham, Executive Director

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