Jon Fisher

Board Member


Jon holds a bachelor’s degree of music education (K-12) from the University of Northern Colorado and currently works as an administrative assistant for a government contractor employed by the United States Air Force. He is passionate about music and plays 15 musical instruments. Jon has worked with the Foundation since 2012 and loves being an adult ambassador for the Moebius syndrome community, striving to connect with people of all ages. Enthusiasm, honesty, and kindness are three key attributes Jon is always looking to help spread awareness and be an advocate for the community. In his free time, he likes to sing, play piano, watch movies, read, go bowling, have a nice meal with friends, and play video games.

Jon resides in Aurora, CO.


Tell us your name and position (executive committee, staff, board member). 

Jon Fisher, Board Member 

Why is it important for you to serve on the Board of Directors? 

I first wanted to serve on the Board because I want to make a difference in and for the Moebius community. As I’ve progressed being a BOD member, planning for a conference, etc., my other main goal has been to connect with more people I don’t know and be as much of a “role model” for the younger children with Moebius as I can be.

What does the Moebius Syndrome Foundation mean to you, personally?

The MSF community has grown into more of a family than a professionals only organization, for me. It’s where I found a group of people who accept me unconditionally and see past my disability for who I truly am.

What might the Moebius Syndrome Foundation community be interested to learn about you? 

It probably comes as no surprise after the conference, but for those who haven’t already met me, I know how to play 15 musical instruments and practice musically daily. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. I also perform yearly as a Cantorial Soloist. I’m also very nerdy and love all things pop culture and science fiction, movies, and games.

What do you want the Moebius syndrome community to know about the Board of Directors and what we do? 

The BOD is constantly striving to better the community and create long lasting friendships and relationships,  whether through research, events like conferences or regional gatherings, Zoom meetings, to social media shout-outs for individuals with Moebius. We consistently seek input from community members to know what would be “the next great thing” to be a part of within the community. 

Anything else you would like to add? Any long term goals for the Foundation? Can community members reach out to you if they have any questions or comments about the Foundation/ideas they may have?

I love being a part of this amazing community because there is so much love, kindness, acceptance and energy. We all come from different walks of life but unite in some truly unexpected and wonderful ways (especially at conferences – if you haven’t had the chance to attend one yet, PLEASE come and don’t let financial/other reasons get in the way of attending. It’s beyond worthwhile and one of the most memorable times you can experience!)

One goal I have for the community is global awareness/acceptance of our community. There are still many people in many places who have never heard of the MSF or Moebius syndrome and I think spreading that awareness to every corner of the globe is crucial so no one person is ignorant of the facts of how great we are as a community/tribe.

Community members can absolutely reach out to me anytime! Email me and then we can connect by phone or text if you want. 

I’d be happy to address any questions, hear your comments, or voice concerns to the next “higher up” appropriate person. Or if you just want to say hello, that’s awesome too!

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