Laura Berge

Marketing and Communications Manager


Laura Berge has more than 14 years of experience in advertising and marketing. She has worked across a variety of industries including automotive, government, and nonprofit. She holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Northwestern University and completed her undergraduate work in advertising and marketing at Michigan State University. She also attended Miami Ad School’s Account Planning Boot Camp. A brand strategist by trade, she found herself in the Moebius community with the birth of her son in 2020. Laura has lived in four states and two countries, and now resides in the Detroit, MI, suburbs with her husband, son, daughter, and cat.


Tell us your name and position at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. 

Laura Berge, Social Media Manager

Why is it important for you to serve at the MSF? 

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation has been a key support for us as a family. Our son was born in the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the healthcare system was overloaded. It took us months to find answers. Once a doctor threw out Moebius syndrome as a possible diagnosis, I was able to find the foundation’s website. I got a lot of answers. Around that time, I also found the Facebook group for parents, and from there I was able to start building a community of moms going through the same situation. Those resources really turned us away from trauma and onto a positive forward path. My son will grow up knowing people with Moebius syndrome and having role models from the community, and that is crucial for his self-worth and identity.

What does the Moebius Syndrome Foundation mean to you, personally?

I see the MSF as a crucial component of advocacy and support for people with Moebius syndrome. I think it’s difficult to balance all of the different components that Moebius entails – advocacy for a rare condition, advancement of medical knowledge, and support for individuals living with Moebius – but that the MSF does that extraordinarily well.

What might the Moebius Syndrome Foundation community be interested to learn about you? 

Ha! Well, my husband runs a Star Wars themed Etsy shop from our basement, and has three 3D printers running constantly. He makes custom lightsaber stands and many things I do not understand. 

I have moved around a lot and lived all over. I have lived in our next conference destination, Minneapolis, MN and in three other U.S. states and Spain.

What do you want the Moebius syndrome community to know about your role and what you do? 

Social media is the everyday face of the organization. It can be challenging to come up with ideas for all of the different posts and topics that we cover. I really enjoy it when someone makes a positive comment and sparks discussion. It’s much more rewarding when that happens.

Anything else you would like to add? Any long term goals for the Foundation? Can community members reach out to you if they have any questions or comments about the Foundation/ideas they may have?

My main long-term goal for the organization is to give the MSF a new website. I want it to be easier to find content, to navigate the website, and most importantly, I want people to feel positive about Moebius syndrome when they first learn about it. 

You’re always free to reach out to me!

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