Molly Goldsmith, a woman with long brown hair, smiles for the camera

Molly Goldsmith

Conference and Events Manager


Molly graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Elementary Education. With a strong foundation in education, she has dedicated the past eight years to her role as an Assistant Teacher. Prior to her teaching career, Molly spent twelve years in the non-profit sector. During this time, she fulfilled a range of pivotal roles encompassing event and program planning, fundraising, outreach, marketing, and connecting individuals in various ways. Molly is thrilled to join the MSF and the Moebius community, where she is looking forward to contributing her expertise and commitment to an organization that champions the mission of supporting, connecting and raising awareness on behalf of its members. Molly lives in Arvada, CO with her husband and daughter (her son is a freshman in college), and two beloved labs.


Tell us your name and position at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. 

Molly Goldsmith, Conference and Events Manager

Why is it important for you to serve at the MSF? 

I have always gravitated toward professional positions where I can connect individuals and help to enrich the lives of the people with whom I work. I love the fact that the MSF exists to provide support, research, and ways to connect individuals and families living with Moebius syndrome. I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to serve such a small yet deserving segment of the population, help to foster meaningful connections among people with Moebius, and hopefully make an impactful difference for people living with Moebius.

What does the Moebius Syndrome Foundation mean to you, personally?

I’m genuinely grateful for the existence of the MSF. Having Moebius syndrome can be frustrating and isolating, depending on the resources available to you and the level of support you have at home or in your community. My brother has Moebius, and the MSF has been an invaluable resource for him. He’s found a like-minded community here, has made a ton of friends, and has found a group of people who accept him for who he is. I am so thrilled to work for an organization that has been instrumental in my brother’s life. 

What might the Moebius Syndrome Foundation community be interested to learn about you? 

I love to read (mostly historical fiction), sing, travel, walk and hike. I also love dogs, Harry Potter, playing table tennis and hanging out with friends and family.

What do you want the Moebius syndrome community to know about your role and what you do? 

I view my role primarily as a facilitator of community and connections within the Moebius community, by bringing people together (virtually and in-person) through meaningful and informative events, programming, and conferences.

Anything else you would like to add? Any long term goals for the Foundation? Can community members reach out to you if they have any questions or comments about the Foundation/ideas they may have?

I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who has comments or questions. I value constructive feedback and am open to suggestions. My commitment is to enhance our programming and events continually, ensuring a more enriching experience for our members. Your input is highly appreciated!

Contact Info

Phone : +1 (844) MOEBIUS ext 704
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