Zayne Herron

Zayne Herron

Social Media Assistant


Zayne Herron studied at Oklahoma State University and is a paraprofessional at Coyle Public Schools in Coyle, OK. She writes and blogs in her free time to spread awareness about Moebius syndrome and mental health. She lives in Stillwater, OK, with her schnauzer and looks forward to learning something new every day and bringing some motivation to help the Moebius community, especially on social media. 

Q & A

Tell us your name and position at the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. 

My name is Zayne Herron and I am the Social Media Assistant for the MSF.

Why is it important for you to serve at the MSF? 

It is important to me because I want to give back to the foundation that has given me so much and just want to give back.

What does the Moebius Syndrome Foundation mean to you, personally?

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation is a bonus family and extra support for me to try to navigate the complicatedness life can be and the efforts the foundation goes to to help our community is amazing and I am so lucky to be part of it.

What might the Moebius Syndrome Foundation community be interested to learn about you? 

For the first ten years of my life, I did not know I had Moebius syndrome, and ever since finding this community, it is an honor to be able to spread awareness and help the foundation welcome people into our community with open arms and to help people not feel alone or lost in the world.

What do you want the Moebius syndrome community to know about your role and what you do? 

I am the Social Media Assistant which is an extra helping hand to the Social Media Manager, such as checking out comments and posts, help to answer questions, and help monitor.

Anything else you would like to add? Any long term goals for the Foundation? Can community members reach out to you if they have any questions or comments about the Foundation/ideas they may have?

I would love to hear any ideas for the Foundation!

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