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In 1994, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation launched as the first national patient advocacy organization dedicated to the Moebius community. Now with more than 4,600 members, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation continues to support families and individuals living with Moebius syndrome.

We welcome inquiries from the media. If you are a journalist, please contact: We can also assist in connecting journalists with individuals with Moebius syndrome, and their families, who are open to talking with the press.

Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Our Work

Connecting the Moebius Syndrome Community

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation holds virtual events, awareness events, and bi-annual conferences to educate and build community among those living with Moebius and their families.

Funding Research

As of 2021, the Foundation has provided $1.4 million in funding for numerous research grants and 6 research symposiums.

Educational Scholarships

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation awards several educational scholarships each year to individuals who have Moebius syndrome and who will be attending an undergraduate college, university, or post-secondary vocational school.

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and is headquartered in Denver, CO.

Press Releases

New Executive Director Announced

2022 Moebius Syndrome Foundation Conference

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Moebius Syndrome In The News

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Awards & Honors

The Moebius Syndrome Foundation has been awarded the platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar, the leader in non-profit transparency. Check out our profile here.

The Home For The Moebius Community

Moebius Syndrome Foundation News

REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: Grant Proposal to Study Moebius Syndrome for New Investigators The Moebius Syndrome Foundation Grant Program is pleased to provide seed-money grants to qualified investigators for scientific and/or clinical research on Moebius syndrome.  This year, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation is actively seeking applications from new investigators who are passionate about advancing the understanding...
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thumbnail of Fall 2023 Moebius News Newsletter
Read and download the Fall 2023 Newsletter here!
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Back to School With Moe, the official MSF mascot - a Dalmatian with purple spots
Moe is headed back to school with kids in the Moebius community! As the new mascot for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation, Moe creates a connection with children as they learn about Moebius syndrome. Moe explains that a child in a kid’s class may have Moebius syndrome, and they might look or sound different than others....
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A Guide for Healthcare Providers now available
We are excited to announce the arrival of our new resource, A Guide for Healthcare Providers. This booklet is designed to help healthcare providers get a brief overview of Moebius syndrome and guidance on the types of specialist care a patient may require. The guide includes sections on eyes, speech and feeding, smile and blink...
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Help us make a difference for Moebius. Making A Difference for Moebius logo
This month, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation is highlighting the many ways we offer support and resources to the Moebius community. We are asking for your help to make it possible for us to continue our important work. Here is some of the important work we’ve accomplished because of supporters like you… Invested over $1.4 million...
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New MSF Funded Genetics Research Findings
The Moebius Syndrome Foundation is thrilled to announce that research funded by the Foundation has been published in the prestigious Nature Genetics research journal. The genetics researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital, the National Institutes of Health, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai partnered with the Moebius Syndrome Foundation with the aim to...
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Images of the old website and the new website with the text "We have a new look!"
You’re in the right place! The Moebius Syndrome Foundation has launched a new website. We greatly thank our volunteers for the time and effort it took to design, build, and create the website. More than 250 volunteer hours were spent on the creation of the new website. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation would like to thank...
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Medical Travel Reimbursement Now Available
The Moebius Syndrome Foundation is pleased to announce a new Medical Travel Reimbursement Program to assist U.S. families and individuals with Moebius syndrome. Traveling to medical appointments or procedures can be costly, and this program allows the reimbursement of up to $2,000 to help offset the financial burden. Thanks to our supporters, members who reside...
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When to disclose facial differences
The Moebius Syndrome Foundation funded research into when and how someone should disclose a facial difference. The research, led by Dr. Kathleen Bogart, revealed that most individuals with facial differences opted to disclose their condition to others. More than half of participants disclosed their facial difference on the job. Personal disclosure resulted in more positive...
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