REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: Grant Proposal to Study Moebius Syndrome and Sleep Disorders

The MSF Grant Program provides seed-money grants to qualified investigators for scientific and/or clinical research.  The Moebius Syndrome Foundation has identified a need for additional investigation into the role of Moebius syndrome and sleep disturbances.  Anecdotally, many persons with Moebius syndrome have described difficulties with sleep, including, but not limited to, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, night terrors, sleep walking, sleep apnea, and decreased quality of sleep.  The MSF is looking to fund 1 proposal in 2020 that further investigates the link between Moebius syndrome and sleep disturbance. Applications should include a 5-page study proposal, a budget, and NIH biosketch for each co-investigator.


Applications are due on a rolling deadline but we encourage you to submit as soon as possible.  The funding request is limited to $30,000. Please send completed applications to: 


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