Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Resources for Parents, Educators, and Students

Parents, caregivers, and educators must work together to help children with Moebius syndrome succeed in the classroom. Below you will find resources to help inform educators about Moebius syndrome, navigate IEPs, advocate for your child, and manage mental health.

A big thank you goes to the parents and partner organizations that have submitted their personal handouts and resources to share on this page. 

Back to School With Moe!

Create your own Back to School packet featuring Moe, the Moebius Syndrome Foundation mascot!

Back to School With Moe, a purple and black spotted Dalmatian

Build Your Own "Moe" Kit

You can create your own Back to School Kit featuring Moe. Download the files to your computer and then print them on your home computer or through a local printing company, office supply store, or online printing company. 

Moe Coloring Sheet

“Moe” About Moebius Syndrome Fact Sheet

Passalong Cards:

Passalong Card: Learn “Moe” About Moebius syndrome

Passalong Card: Be “Moe” Inclusive

Sticker Templates: 

Sticker Template: Learn “Moe” About Moebius syndrome

Sticker Template: Be “Moe Inclusive”

July 2022

A Guide for Educators

Check out our guide designed specifically to help educators and school staff better understand and support their new students with Moebius syndrome. This guide is available for download and can be emailed, or if you live in the United States, you can request that a physical copy be mailed to you by emailing

A Guide For Educators Image

Navigating IEPs & 504s

Back to School IEP/504 Tips and Resources

Presented by Destiny Bachman and Leah Richter Maldonado

July 17, 2022

Back to School Parent Panel

Presented by Brittni Jones, Rebecca Maher, Debra Morton, and Leah Richter

August 9, 2021

Parent Resources

Parents of children with Moebius syndrome navigate through educating other parents, teachers, school staff, and students by using a variety of tools offered below. 

Parent Handouts

Use the templates below to create customized letters to parents or teachers to introduce your child and Moebius syndrome.

Letter Template: Parent to Parent

Letter Template: Parent to Teacher or Staff

Moebius syndrome Flyer for Educators and Classmates

Examples from another parent:

Kindergarten Letter to Parents

All About Me Handout


Advocating at School

Mental Health

Bullying Prevention

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center actively leads social change, so that bullying is no longer considered an accepted childhood rite of passage. PACER provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students.

For more information and tools for managing bullying, see our Bullying Prevention Resources page.

Preschool With Moebius

Additional IEP Resources

Understanding the IEP Process

IEP Roadmap

Would you like more information about special education or 504 plans in school? Contact Elementary School Psychologist Brittni Jones

More Organizations Supporting Children and Families With Facial Differences

These organizations provide resources to help children and parents address concerns including self-acceptance, bullying, mental health, and much more!

Changing Faces (U.K.)

AboutFace (Canada)

myFace (U.S.A.)

Children’s Craniofacial Association (U.S.A.)

Faces (U.S.A.) 

Passalong Cards

These easy-to-carry cards are available to print and share at school or in the grocery store. They give a brief introduction to Moebius syndrome for those who have questions. We suggest downloading the link underneath the photos and saving the design you like best, then sending it to your favorite printer to make business card sizes (VistaPrint and Canva are popular printers). Each card has a description of Moebius syndrome on the back.

School Picture Day Cards

Let’s make picture day a little easier with these photographer educational handouts! Print off a one-pager or a card for your student, or their teacher, to hand to the photographer when it is time for a photo. The card will educate the photographer on Moebius syndrome and ask that they count “1-2-3” or instruct students to look at the camera instead of asking for a smile.